Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've been arranging a bit of a gathering for a while now.
Out of an original 23 who said they would be able to attend its down to FOUR!!
Plus 3 still undecided.

We're only a couple of weeks away from the event and its making me a little sad. So instead of counting the people who are not coming I'm trying realllllly hard to be excited about the 4 who are, and still holding out hope that the 3 undecided will make their decision in my favour soon.


I've already had to re write my menu plan and cancel accommodation.

Edit: Just to clarify and to put straight the person who has submitted comments laughing at me for only having 4 people in my life. The 23 I mentioned are those who were flying in from other countries for the party. As it stands now, there are nine people who have bought tickets to come to another country to join in the festivities. And I'm really looking forward to introducing them to my new circle of friends here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Its easier for you perhaps

I've noticed a common thread running through many of the replies I've had to my online dating profile. Men telling me to use Yahoo or MSN or whatever "because its easier" - easier for whom? Easier for them in fact, I have over the years used Yahoo and MSN and now I use Skype for family and friends and gchat for vitual contacts - because its easier for me and when the first contact is made and I'm being told to do something by someone I usually think, "no thanks".

Case in point - one of today's replies

"Dear Good Friend,

I'm in Australia now. I want to communicate with you more. If it is convenience, please contact me via Skype or MSN. We can talk face to face, which is much easier and efficient.

It will be my pleasure to communicate with you. Wish you can contact me in your convenience time.

MSN Name : XXXXX@hotmail.com
Skype Name : DXXXX
(Skype is very good for internet chat...internet face to face chat...please could you use the skype!
I have a Skype mobile phone, which is switched on 24 hours a day)

Wish you enjoy everyday. "

~sigh~ no thanks.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

New shoes

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The One

I've been asked 4 times today if the man I've had only 2 dates with could be "The One", each time I have laughed out loud at the very idea.
If you've been trampled over and had your heart smushed into tiny pieces as many times as I have you will understand that there is a huge HUGE empty patch where 'hope' used to reside in my heart. I can't possible allow even a passing wondering thought into my mind that THIS ONE could be somehow different to the men who have lied and broken me in the past.
Does this mean I approach this new man with trepidation and fear? No not at all, it means that I go out and enjoy his company, I don't worry that it might mean something more or less that he's not contacted me for a couple of days other than he is really really busy at work.
I talk about him with a smile on my face, and yes I'm looking forward to seeing him again soon. BUT I'm not investing anything of myself in him at this point. This is new for me. Of course as its the first time I've actually dated anyone past the first date since my last lover was snatched from me by a stupid drunk driver over a year ago, I may just have forgotten how to get excited about men. ~sigh~ We shall see. Or not, as the case may be. I seem to have so very little influence on the outcome of any of my past relationships that this probably won't make any difference.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Keeping drivers employed

I just went to book a taxi for the airport at the reception. Happened to stand next to a lady (N) who also wanted a taxi for the airport for exactly the same flight. We've spoken a few times and know each other by name.

Mia: Oh I'm taking that flight, do you want to share a taxi.
N: Yes that works.
Lady at the desk: No you can't share a taxi.

Mia & N: Umm but we're friends on the same flight

Lady at the desk: But you want two taxis, thats 400 each. If just one then its cheaper price.

N: Yes, thats why we want to share.

Lady at the desk: But then one taxi won't have a ride.

Mia: If we flagged down a taxi on the street what would it cost us - about?

Lady: Maybe 500 or 600

N: And they would let us share?

Lady: Yes

N: Then that's what we do right Mia?

Mia: Works for me!

N: So cancel that booking, we will take one off the street, thanks.


2 hours later, the lady from the desk comes to find me and says

"Its ok, we can let you share the taxi, shall I book it for you?"
Mia: Yes thats good, thank you.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Being looked after

I have a little crush on my Dive Master*, he's been looking after me terribly well over the last 2 days and 1 night of dives. So well in fact that today when we were diving in low visibility he held my hand so I didn't get lost as we swam through a cave. Then he kept hold of my hand for the next 20 minutes or so when the visibility was just fine. On land he's a bit like an overgrown lab, but in the water he is as elegant** as a ray and just for that short time - it was very nice to be looked after, to feel safe and for once not to be the only person watching out for me.
I'm taking him out for supper to say thank you this evening.

*Of course it may just be the 'Master' thing . . .
** Compared to me, who when I needed to remove my weight belt under water, was probably as elegant as a baby hippo

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Oh look thats my post - except strangely over there I'm called ashish

Blogroll pout

These days I hardly click on my own blogroll, most of my favourite reads come to me via RSS feeds, with 3 noticeable exceptions, James, Helen and E@L, they don't allow a feed. Still for those 3 its no great hardship to make the effort of a click. Although if E@L gets any more graphic about his feet I may have to take a break.
So why do I still have a roll? Basically to be polite I guess, to let them know that I'm still reading, to encourage anyone that drops here to blurf their way. I do notice when I get dropped from other peoples blogroll and I wonder why? Was it that my rambling chat finally bored them? Did they disagree with something I posted? Or do they just plain not like me any more?
I usually don't give it more than a fleeting thought, although seeing one of my very old and rather dull conversations with Indiana being dredged up to illustrate his post does raise an eyebrow, given that he doesn't think I'm worthy of a place on his blogroll after all the time we've known each other. We go back to the days of being Discombobulated and Platypus, I know he still reads here (Hello You) as he comments from time to time. Yet do you see me on his blogroll - nope. This irks me slightly.

I know some people use their roll as a way of showing how popular they are, how fashionable/trendy they are, in much the same way that 'impressive' books will be scattered around an apartment for visitors and the old quote of judging a man by his friends probably stands true for blogroll as much as real life. I use mine as a small way of saying I read what you write, sometimes I don't like it, but often it interests me.


DISCLAIMER: I'm on day 4 without sugar, so perhaps a little sensitive?

Monday, February 04, 2008


Yep, have arrived in the south of Thailand, first thoughts - gosh this island is so much more commercialised since I was last here (2 years ago) and almost unreconisable from when I was first here in 1999.
But the place I'm staying is still child free (hurrah) mostly non smoking in the restaurant (hurrah hurrah) and just as chilled as ever. The chilled watermelon juice present at reception was just as lush as I remembered and the coconut ice cream I had for supper even better.

Today I walked into town to check out what had changed - many things! There is even a McD here now which makes me sad, its probably the last time I'll come here, but to be honest its time I found another bolt-hole in Thailand.

Visit into town resulted in 2 icky observations, I went to a respectable looking place for a foot massage, it was respectable, but the Aussie man separated from me only by a flimsy curtain really did his best to talk his girl into giving him a 'happy ending', it really made me feel rather uncomfortable to listen to him offer her more and more money and try and sweet talk her into giving him a tug at the end of his hour massage. This conversation was going on just 3 ft from the bed I was on, and the girl was talking really quietly, he however was not, he was being extremely arrogant. I left before he did. My girl was great and was really rather embarrassed, kept turning the music up to cover the sound of oil on flesh slapping noises.
After that I stopped at a bar/restaurant for some early lunch (yes it was only 11am) and another westerner of a certain age came in, he sat nearby and invited the waitress to join him for something to eat, she declined, he tried to talk her into it, then spoke to the chief waiter and said "I'm looking for a girlfriend for a few days - will she come with me?". The waiter said no. The customer paid up his bill and left.
There are thousands of whores in this country who are willing to put up with the old, fat and disgusting white man pawing at them, why can't these men let the waitress etc go about her job without being made to feel for sale.
Still it was a very quick reminder of the white man's attitude here in Asia, the man who travels to Thailand alone doesn't stay alone for very long.

Now however I'm heading off to meet some friends for supper and drink a toast to those with some integrity in the world.