Thursday, May 14, 2009

Being brave

I've been told that I'm being brave so often in the last few weeks, usually by people who spend their whole lives in the same town or even village where they grew up, but I don't understand why people keep saying this to me?
I've been talking to a couple of friends who I knew from school days, one of whom told me in all seriousness that she couldn't imagine getting on a flight and coming to visit me in Hong Kong for a holiday never mind making her life in another part of the world. Somehow I manged to convince her that she should come and visit - and finally after my gentle 'bullying' she agreed to come. She arrives next week for 10 days, we will spend time in Hong Kong and in Beijing and she is so very excited which I think is wonderful. I adore showing friends around my favourite city, its like sharing a delicious cake with a friend. I will get to enjoy my adopted city through new eyes all over again.

I'm so full of excitement about my move but fear doesn't come in to it. Whats the worse that can happen? I don't like living there so when my contract finishes I move somewhere new? If I really really don't like it then I can leave straight away. But after 11 years of living in Asia I'm confident that there is very little I can't handle - is this being brave?

My sister has been laughing at me as one of the things I'm really excited about is that I will have access to an organic food farm when ever I need, some fantastic bookshops and clean air. These things are important to me.

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