Monday, May 11, 2009


I was talking to a friend back in the UK a couple of days ago. She remarked that I must be very very excited about my upcoming move. My reply was that I am so excited I have had to push the joy way way down inside as so many people I work with are filled with sour grapes at the news and I'm seriously not 'allowed' to talk about anything at all!

Which is why I've come back here to the blog, where I can ramble along without the fear of seeing a dodgy look across someones face. Mostly because there are not many people out there reading any more. Plus of course I can't see your faces! ~grin~


Seven Seas said...

Glad that you've come back to the blog. Things have been a bit too quiet ;). So where is the 4th life going to be held? Someplace tropical, with little umbrellas in drinks?

Mia said...

Hello there sailor! Yes things have been quiet, but as I am now welcoming distractions from my massive amount of relocation challenges I sense I may well be posting - for a little while at least.
Yes somewhere very tropical, in fact when I was out there for an interview a little while ago they met us off the plane with little umbrellas in drinks before immigration. That in my opinion is a very good sign!

dgny said...

I'm excited for you. Frankly, I think you ought to be excited at work, the curmudgeons be damned. If you can't smile at someone else's joy, what ARE you?